Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[1.5.2] Minecraft Forge build [CORE MOD]

Hello everyone!

The latest forge build is out! Grab it now! 
Minecraft Forge basicly like a mod manager, but more powerful than modloader, and it'll be easier to make mods with this. Remember, if you want to install this mod, have a fresh copy of minecraft.jar by updating minecraft from the launcher. 

Here's how you install it:

1. Make sure your minecraft/jar doesn't have modloader/audiomod.If you have one or both of them installed, get a fresh one.
2. Open minecraft.jar with any 7zip opener, open the downloaded minecraftforge as well.
3. DONT DELETE the META-INF. Open the META-INF then delete the file which has MOJANG name ONLY.
4. Copy the all files inside the downloaded forge.
5. Run Minecraft once, then you will have to wait until forge setup everything.
6. Play!

Here's the download link:
Minecraft Forge build (Official Link)
Check out Minecraft Forge's Official Page!

Happy Minecraft-ing guys!


  1. Does not work gives error
    In "ForgeModLoader-client-0.log"

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