Saturday, February 23, 2013

[1.4.7] Optifine HD and Ultra D5 [MODS&UDPATE]

Hello everyone!

It's been only couple of days since the last time optifine update the D4 version. But anyways, get one now!! Optifine is widely used to boost the performance of minecraft by turning off some features or set everything for maximum performance. Keep in mind that Optifine support HD textures, so if you have Optifine installed, you can just use the texture pack and let Optifine do the work. Remember that Optifine HD Ultra is fully configurable.

NOTE: This is a 1.4.6 version, but its compatible with 1.4.7, actually every 1.4.6 mods i have works with 1.4.7. So you can assume that 1.4.6 mods are compatible with 1.4.7.

If you want to download it, I'll leave you a link down here :
For automatic installation, download MagicLauncher here

How to install Optifine manually (Windows):
1. Open Run, then type %appdata%, by default your .minecraft folder should be there.
2. Open bin, then right click on minecraft.jar, open with any 7zip opener ( i prefer WinRaR), leave it be.
3. DELETE META-INF folder inside minecraft.jar
3. Open Optifine HD U D5 or HD D5.rar, drag all the contents with .class extension to minecraft.jar
4. Close it, run minecraft and test!

Happy Minecraft-ing!


  1. Do you have a changelog for this version?

    1. Sadly, I don't. Sorry for the very late reply =D